Ultrasonic devices

This is true but only because you can't prove a negative result see updates below. However it is the complete absence of published, scientific data that is most striking. I have not been able to find even one positive test result that has been published in a scientific journal.

Ultrasonic devices

Plug-in pest free is the only proven scientifically tested Ultrasonic devices in the world conducted by a leading Australian university. Click here to view University abstract.

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Unlike other methods of pest control, Pest Free uses no chemicals, fumes or toxic materials, meaning all Pest Free devices are a form of completely natural pest control.

You simply plug the device into a power point, switch on and it will help protect your home or business from pests for years to come. Beware of other imitation electronic pest repellers, Pest Free is the only proven scientifically tested product in the world.

Consumers no longer have to purchase cheap inferior manufactured products who have had no testing to the claims they make. If you care about the future of our environment and your family you need to Plug-in a Pest Free into your home or business today. All our products comply to the world electrical safety standards: Pest Free has continued over the years to further research and improve its technology, due to improved developments and upgrades of electronics we have spent the last 2 years designing a new look and improved Pest Free.

Our new design has been manufactured using the latest state of the art technology to offer a better and stronger chemical free service from the use of toxic and poisonous chemicals in homes and businesses.

Our new design blends into the decor of any home and will give years of service. Plug-In Pest Free is a must have for every home who cares about their family. If you care about the future of our environment and your family you need to Plug-In a Pest Free into your home or business today.

It is recommended that two 2 storey homes place a Pest Free Domestic Unit on each level of the home, regardless of size to obtain maximum protection.

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Pest Free has launched its new exciting product specifically designed for Small Business and Larger Homes. Pest Free believes its new design will Revolutionize the way Small Businesses deal with their present pest control over their normal use of Ongoing Expensive Chemical Treatments by Pest Controllers.

Pest Free Commercial is the only unit of its kind in the world today. Being highly advanced in engineering, electronics and design our commercial unit has been operating successfully throughout the world since The Commercial Unit operates in a unique way.

If you care about our environment and your staff and customers you need to Plug-In a Pest Free into your Business.Do these ultrasonic bat repelling devices really drive bats away?

Ultrasonic devices

I have not conducted any scientific studies, but I can report my experience from independent testing and customer satisfaction reports over the past 10+ years for using our product lines.

Electronic** pest control devices? Electronic pest control devices (so called "pest repellers") come in several types. Some claim to repel insects, spiders, and rodents by ultrasonic.

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Bolttech Mannings Mini-Max Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement and Monitoring System Mini-Max Specifications Physical Size. Width ( in / mm) Height ( in / mm). Ultrasound is sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of human attheheels.comound is not different from "normal" (audible) sound in its physical properties, except in that humans cannot hear it.

This limit varies from person to person and is approximately 20 kilohertz (20, hertz) in healthy young adults. Ultrasound devices operate with frequencies from 20 kHz up to. Ultrasound is defined by the American National Standards Institute as "sound at frequencies greater than 20 kHz".

In air at atmospheric pressure, ultrasonic waves have wavelengths of cm or less..

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Perception Humans. The upper frequency limit in humans (approximately 20 kHz) is due to limitations of the middle ear. Auditory sensation can occur if high‐intensity ultrasound is fed directly.

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