The tragic death of pat tillman in afghanistan

The events leading up to one of the most infamous friendly-fire deaths in U. After an Army Humvee broke down in the mountains, Tillman's platoon was ordered divided by superiors so that the Humvee could be removed; a local truck driver was hired as the hauler. But the two groups struggled to communicate with each other as they traversed the steep terrain.

The tragic death of pat tillman in afghanistan

Seventh-round NFL draft pick Pat Tillman wasted no time in setting records for tackles on the football field for the Arizona Cardinals. But in the Spring ofafter marrying his childhood sweetheart, Tillman walked away from his multi-million-dollar NFL salary and joined the Army with his brother.

The Pentagon, President George W.

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He was shot and killed by his fellow U. But once the deception about his story was propagandized, little could be done to undo how the military and the White House had capitalized on his death.

Professional athlete eschews fortune for patriotic duty—not even a White House well versed in spinning self-serving propaganda could have dreamed up such a perfect recruitment story.

Tillman finished his basic training in time to be sent to Iraq as part of the US invasion force, before he was sent to Afghanistan in early The heartbreaking reality that he had been killed by his fellow platoon members was, evidently, too dangerous for national security—so much so that an invention of a superhero was birthed.

The substitution of stories created a mythical hero out of Tillman on the level of G. The soldier was awarded a posthumous Silver Star.

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On April 30 an Army press release described how Tillman was killed while storming enemy positions. It would take a full 10 years before a guilt-ridden ex-soldier broke his silence about what he says happened the night Tillman was killed.

The platoon had divided into two groups that went in separate directions. He said he was instructed by his superiors not to discuss the friendly fire incident outside of his unit. The military knew it had a PR problem on its hands but Elliott said he was too naive to believe they would spin it into a web of deception.

He told NPR he knows the family feels deceived by its government. Strangely enough, Americans know they were lied to about Benghazi and held several congressional hearings on the failures of leadership in Libya, but with Tillman, he is still celebrated as a hero.

The distrust, anger, and outrage at a government who would have Americans believe a lie has been put aside, to honor the man, not his legend. And honor him they do. Each year, the Pat Tillman foundation hosts a fundraiser in his honor.

The Foundation describes his death by writing: His heroic efforts to provide cover for fellow soldiers as they escaped from the canyon led to his untimely and tragic death via fratricide.

Tillman was the epitome of a scholar-athlete. His self-sacrifice and service to his country should be celebrated. But somewhere along the way, someone should be held accountable for the lies perpetrated upon the American people about his death.

Instead, not only has no one ever faced consequences for deceiving an entire nation, but deception originating from the highest executive office, its cabinet, and the military continues to this day.

Administrations come and go, but the lies remain.

Pat Tillman: Misgivings About Iraq

In the case of Tillman, none of that happened. The article prompted widespread speculation on the Internet and in the mainstream press that he had been deliberately murdered.On August 13, , the Associated Press reported that on behalf of VoteVets, twenty U.S.

military veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan asked the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, to help secure the release of all documents relating to the death of Pat attheheels.come: Arizona State.

Tillman’s departure from the NFL was widely publicized, as was his death on the battlefield of Afghanistan in The Pentagon, President George W. Bush, and what seemed like all of America, celebrated Tillman’s heroic death.

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Apr 18,  · Nearly a decade since the tragic death of Army Ranger and former NFL star Pat Tillman due to friendly fire, one of Tillman's comrades has admitted . Apr 22,  · Saturday marks the 13th anniversary of Pat Tillman's tragic death in Afghanistan.

The tragic death of pat tillman in afghanistan

The complex, tragic life and death of Pat Tillman. Tillman literally kicked his victim’s teeth in, and was charged with felony assault. When the judge learned that a conviction on this charge would void the teenager’s football scholarship to ASU, she lowered it to a misdemeanor.

Tillman served 30 days in jail . On this day 14 years ago, former NFL player Pat Tillman was shot and killed by his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan, and the events surrounding his death still remain a mystery.

The tragic death of pat tillman in afghanistan

Seventh-round NFL draft pick Pat Tillman wasted no time in setting records for tackles on the football field for the Arizona Cardinals.

14 Years Ago, Pat Tillman Was Killed and Gov’t Covered Up the Truth to His Death to Sell War