The environmental economic and mental damages caused by hurricane katrina in america

New Orleans diaspora Evacuated citizens have spread to 50 states and many major cities, mostly Houston. A coordinated effort by the American Red CrossMicrosoftand the San Diego Supercomputer Centercombined many diverse databases and has been very effective in reconnecting children with their parents. Over time both the reconnection and recovery operations have improved, but it will be much time before the majority of bodies are retrieved and people reunited. While many existing organisations have worked to help those displaced, and some new groups and special efforts have been initiated, the survivors of Hurricane Katrina are still largely unorganized.

The environmental economic and mental damages caused by hurricane katrina in america

Contact Us Impacts of Hurricanes Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause major damage and loss of life due to the heavy rains, strong winds, and storm surge. Hurricanes are among the most important and devastating natural disasters.

The two most common measures of hurricane impact are deaths and economic loss. While the largest single-event death tolls in the recorded history of natural hazards are attributable to epidemics, famine, floods and droughts [3]more deaths are attributable globally to hurricanes in an average year than any other natural hazard [4].

Storm Surge Among the most damaging features of a hurricane is its storm surge. In areas prone to large surge, wind surge is the main component. But, ocean level rise due to pressure drop, waves breaking at the shore, and strong currents also contribute to surge.

By definition, "storm surge" is the vertical water elevation above normal levels. While, "flood elevation" sometimes called "storm tide" is the vertical water elevation above some datum, for example above mean sea level. So, flood elevation includes both storm surge and normal tide level.

Definition of storm surge and flood elevation. What Impacts Surge Magnitude? Hurricanes can be described in terms of their intensity, size, speed, and landfall location.

Of these, intensity, size, and landfall location most influence surge magnitude along continuous coasts. Hurricane intensity is typically defined as the hurricane's maximum wind speed, or Category.

Hurricane Katrina - Economics

But, hurricane central pressure better indicates surge potential [5]. The figure below shows that: Surge increases with increasing intensity. Surge increases with increasing size. Surge is larger when landfall is over a wider continental shelf.

In Texas, the continental shelf changes dramatically. To the south, the shelf is narrow. To the north, the shelf is much wider. Because wind surge is only generated in shallow waters, larger surge may be generated when the continental shelf is wider.

Highest recorded surges were on the order of 5 m 16 ft.

The environmental economic and mental damages caused by hurricane katrina in america

The figure below shows what the surge would have been if Ike had taken a different path. If Ike had hit along the lower Texas coast, the surge would have been half as high. Estimated peak surge if Hurricane Ike made landfall instead at the location shown.

Values are shown as percent of the peak historical surge. Actual landfall location for Hurricane Ike is shown as a black diamond. Dashed line is m depth contour—a measure of continental shelf width.

Surge values estimated using Irish and Resio [6]. Waves Hurricanes bring with them large, destructive waves.

Impacts of Hurricanes

Hurricane waves at the coast are generated by hurricane winds.Hurricane Katrina, at one point a Category Five storm, caused millions of dollars in damage and left a death toll in the thousands. environmental justice through the eye of hurricane katrina II JOINT CENTER FOR POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC STUDIES, HEALTH POLICY INSTITUTE This research was funded by the The California Endowment Foundation.

The environmental damages and threats on public health were the longest-lasting effects of Hurricane Katrina. Industrial wastes, oil spills, household sewage, toxic chemicals, and other hazardous pollutants had swept into the areas that were directly hit, as well as neighboring regions. The statistic shows the economic damage caused by hurricane Katrina in the United States up to , by line of insurance.

As of , Katrina has caused losses of about 18 billion U.S. dollars in.

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Hurricane Katrina's damage to the environment includes industrial waste and raw sewage spills, oil spills from offshore rigs, coastal refineries, and gas stations into residential areas and business districts throughout New Orleans. The Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina.

Search the site GO. Sports. Track & Field Events Basics Top Picks & Records Perhaps the longest-lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina was its environmental damage that impacted public health.

contributing to an economic disaster.

Effects of Hurricane Katrina