Should community service be required for graduation essay

This is likely to be life altering.

Should community service be required for graduation essay

This is actually a paper I wrote for my AP Comp class, wanted to see what you guys could argue against it. This is my first time on Debate. In high school, we often do assignments not because we want to learn more about the subject but because we "have to".

Another example of required assignments we have to do in our school district is community service, doing non-profit work that gives back to the community.

High school teachers often force their students to turn in papers, in which then they forget what they had written about in the first place. Why must we, then, require community service? Teachers, especially, can tell when a student has written up a paper at the last second with no motivation.

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Their tone of voice sounds bored and forced, and there is little chance that the student has learned anything they will remember as an adult. Many students, when asked about doing community service, associate it with a judge-assigned punishment. A shoplifter may be assigned community service only to fulfill a graduation requirement they already required to do.

Community service as a punishment is a great way to impact the lives of teenagers who are getting out of hand.

May 01,  · COMMUNITY service, how much service is required and how it will be verified and High Schools Mandating Community Service for Graduation. Should High School Students be Required to do Community Service? Essay - Should High School Mandatory Community Service for Graduation Essay - Community. Should Community Service Be Required For Graduation Essay The predicament comes into action when administrative faculty are left with the question of whether or .

However, expecting high-school students to do the same work as juvenile criminals makes them feel like the school is punishing them. The schools requiring community service as a graduation requirement could be argued to be unconstitutional.

Should community service be required to graduate high school essay - Essay Writing Services

In one case, Steirer v. Bethlehem Area School District, sixty hours of unpaid service during the high school years was required with a written assignment.

Should community service be required for graduation essay

Doing so, the student will receive course credit but will not graduate otherwise. Thirteenth Amendment states that " However, the courts argued, in order for the practice to be unconstitutional, the district would have to legally or physically punish students who decline to participate.

It was also argued in court that the First Amendment, the right to free speech, was being violated. They believed required community service expects students to have specific beliefs. Our school district and the Oregon Department of Education has surprisingly little information on community service requirements.

This may give impression that this is because of the controversy of the issue. Parents often take on the roll of disciplinary actions and teaching morals, so why should the schools tell students that they need to fulfill this requirement?

However, parents may not be the best role models in our lives, and teacher motivation is always important. Parents, however, control what we may or may not do, and some students do not have the freedom or time to do volunteer work.

A lot of teenagers deal with working, hard classes, and unsatisfactory home situations that may cause them to be unable to volunteer.

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The opportunity to do volunteering should be aided by the school, however, so that students in hard situations can still get to do volunteering if they wish to. However, having community service as a senior project is arguably more influential and life-changing than a 5-page paper that you may never again remember writing.

Hands-on learning is more effective for many students. Studies show that requiring community service definably has positive results among the student population.

Community service and success later in life is most definably a trend. Those who are educationally successful believe that volunteering is a fit requirement for graduation The Language of Composition, Having community service in your record helps you get accepted into colleges.

It also prepares you for learning what a real job feels like, working with people who do what you are doing every single day for a living.

Community service helps students learn the importance of being responsible. Students realize from community service the importance of being a citizen, being part of the community, and realizing that some people have less than they do in the world.

Their is no argument that community service is helpful a student whether or not it is requirement. Community service should not be required in schools, but rather, students should be motivated in order to make their own positive experiences.

Teachers should emphasize the importance of community and volunteering in the classroom, but the choice to volunteer should be left to the students. The importance of volunteering to your future should be stressed, but the actual hours and what the student does should be left up to the individual.

Frank Lloyd, Orville and Wilbur, StevenNov 16,  · Community service will look very good on any college application, can provide interesting essay material, and supervisors may write wonderful recommendation letters.

It is a fantastic and necessary requirement for students to complete community service in order to graduate high school. Although community service can be extremely valuable in the development of both character and academics, some believe the negative effects of forcing students to participate by making a set amount of service a requirement for graduation could offset the benefits.

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Aug 13,  · Making community service a requirement ensures students will activity which should be required. students have to complete before graduation.

Should Community Service Be Required To 4/4/meaning of community service essay The Subject Date Community Service as a Graduation Requirement.

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