Problems faced by the sugar industry essay

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Problems faced by the sugar industry essay

Maharashtra has progressed a lot and captured first position from U. Large production of sugarcane, higher rate of recovery and longer crushing period are some of the factors which have helped the state to occupy this enviable position.

Sugar Industry in India: Growth; Problems and Distribution

The state has one-fourth of the total sugar mills and produces a little more than one-third of the total sugar of India. Sugar mills of Maharashtra are much larger as compared to the mills in other parts of the country. The major concentration of sugar mills is found in the river valleys in the western part of the Maharashtra Plateau.

Ahmednagar is the largest centre. Uttar Pradesh is the traditional producer of sugar and has been occupying the first rank among the major sugar producing states of India. However, its relative importance has been reduced during the last few years and the state has conceded the top position to Maharashtra and now occupies the second position.

Uttar Pradesh has more mills than Maharashtra but they are of comparatively smaller size and yield less production.

10 Problems Faced by Sugar Industry in India

Presently, the state accounts for about 24 per cent of the total production of sugar in India. There are two distinct regions of sugar production in this state. Tamil Nadu has shown phenomenal progress with regard to sugar production during the last few years.

High yield per hectare of sugarcane, higher sucrose content, high recovery rate and long crushing season have enabled Tamil Nadu to obtain highest yield of 9.

As a result of these advantages, the state has emerged as the third largest producer of sugar, contributing over nine per cent of the total sugar production of India. Karnataka has 30 mills producing 1, thousand tonnes or over 6 per cent of the total sugar of India.

Belgaum and Mandya districts have the highest concentration of sugar mills. Bijapur, Bellary, Shimoga and Chittradurga are the other districts where sugar mills are scattered. Andhra Pradesh has more mills 35 than the neighbouring Karnataka but produces only 6.

This means that the mills are comparatively smaller. The state produces about 5. Haryana has only 8 mills but their large size enables the state to contribute 1. Punjab has a total of 13 mills which are located in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Gurdaspur, Sangrur, Patiala and Rupnagar districts.

Bihar was the second largest sugar producing state next only to Uttar Pradesh till mid- s. Since then the state has been experiencing sluggish growth and consequently lost its prestigious position to the peninsular states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Its 28 mills make an insignificant contribution to the production of sugar. The belt of eastern Uttar Pradesh extends further east in Bihar and the districts of Darbhanga, Saran, Champaran and Muzaffarpur are included in this belt.

There are marked differences between the sugar industry of the northern and the peninsular India. As a result of better conditions prevailing in the peninsular India, the sugar industry is gradually shifting from north India to the peninsular India.

A brief description of differences between the sugar industry of the northern and peninsular India is given below: Peninsular India has tropical climate which gives higher yield per unit area as compared to north India.

The sucrose content is also higher in tropical variety of sugarcane in the south. The crushing season is also much longer in the south than in the north.

Problems faced by the sugar industry essay

For example, crushing season is of nearly four months only in the north from November to February, whereas it is of nearly months in the south where it starts in October and continues till May and June.

The co-operative sugar mills are better managed in the south than in the north. Most of the mills in the south are new which are equipped with modern machinery.

Problems of Sugar Industry: Sugar industry in India is plagued with several serious and complicated problems which call for immediate attention and rational solutions. Some of the burning problems are briefly described as under: Low Yield of Sugarcane: Although India has the largest area under sugarcane cultivation, the yield per hectare is extremely low as compared to some of the major sugarcane producing countries of the world.

This leads to low overall production and results in short supply of sugarcane to sugar mills. Efforts are being made to solve this problem through the introduction of high yielding, early maturing, frost resistant and high sucrose content varieties of sugarcane as well as by controlling diseases and pests which are harmful for sugarcane.

Manufacturing of sugar is a seasonal phenomena with a short crushing season varying normally from 4 to 7 months in a year.The sugar industry has a seasonal character and the crushing season normally varies between 4 and 7 months in a year.

Thus, the mill and the workers remain idle for almost half of the year. This creates financial problems. Problems Faced By Fiji Sugar Industry Search. Search Results.

The Sugar Industry In Fiji The sugar industry has perceived as the backbone of the Fiji economy.

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It was started as a colonial strategy to promote economic growth. Abstract This essay will examine the proposition of the problems faced by first year students at any university.

Essay Grade: no grades However, the sugar industry has been experiencing problems over the last decade and soon this vital industry and its dominant position in the economy might change. Currently, there are many problems faced by the industry which show a negative impact of the economy in the country.

The expiring of land lease was one of. Research Question: The problems faced by the Sugar Industry affected the British West Indies during the period of In light of those problems to what extent did this result in the decline of sugar and the economic state of Jamaica.

Problems faced by the sugar industry Essay were the problems faced by Rationale/ Aim It is believed that the problems faced by the sugar industry were caused due to the fact that the planters had a very negative and spiteful attitude towards the apprentices.

The essay being done will hopefully give the researcher and society a better insight to the struggles in which the British Sugar Industry faced during the period of Introduction Topic: Problems faced by the Sugar Industry in the British West Indies specifically Jamaica.

Problems faced by the sugar industry essay
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