Mcdonalds case study marketing strategy

An Overview of McDonalds: McDonalds is a large fast food chain with a global presence, operating in countries.

Mcdonalds case study marketing strategy

Mcdonalds case study marketing strategy

In the UK, McDonald's and its franchisees employ 70, staff in restaurants. This is McDonald's 30th year of operating in the UK.

Mcdonalds case study marketing strategy

Ray Kroc, credited with the chain's global ambitions, bough the rights inhe developed the brand and created the McDonalds Corporation. Throughout this study I am going to evaluate the marketing strategies being pursued by McDonalds and identify the market dominance, which has lead to McDonald's being on of the most successful multi-nationals to date.

Effective marketing has enabled McDonalds to create a worldwide demand for fast food.

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To ensure this, the business needs to construct an appropriate marketing strategy to fulfil this criterion. McDonald's has an exceptional understanding of these aspects within there marketplace, as McDonalds do not offer a product for every type of consumer they attempt to identify groups of customers, defined as a 'market segment', this is a band of people in the case of McDonald's these will be defined demographically for instance age, gender and region.

Each individual band of customers would then be offered specifically tailored products and a marketing mix programme to suit.

For instance the marketing and promotion for the Big Mac see Appendix 1 is geared around males, examples of the promotion geared around males would be throughout the period of June and July for the European Football Championships in Portugal, Big Macs were buy one get one free. Another example would be the marketing be the marketing of the happy meal see Appendix 1which is directed at children.

The marketing and promotion of this product often involves the backing of Disney, linking the happy meal to the latest animation film in the cinema, this could be seen with the release of Disney's latest film 'The Incredibles' as five leading characters from the film can each be collected over a period of five consecutive weeks.

As McDonalds operate in a dynamic fast moving market to maintain their dominance it is important they constantly assess their customers' requirements and be prepared to modify their marketing activity accordingly. As the assessment of marketing opportunities is an evolving process it is important McDonald's provide regular revision and up-dating to their ongoing marketing strategy so to ensure the company objectives are reached.

McDonalds Maketing Strategies - Case Study

For this to be achieved it is important to maintain the marketing mix, this is: The main variables through which a firm carries out its marketing strategy, often known as the four P's.This study examines the international marketing mix done by the McDonald's in two different important markets.

The objective is to analyze and understand the similarities and differences of the international marketing mix strategy implementation by the company.

Mcdonald’s senior restaurant case study; Even without knowing all of the statistical facts involved with this case, once can safely assume that the marketing strategy employed here is an effective one, perhaps one not being offered by rival restaurants. Standardisation vs.

adaptation international marketing approach with regards to McDonald’s operations in India Introduction The central purpose of the study is to determine the best international marketing strategy for McDonalds in India and shedding light on these strategies- Standardisation or Adaptation.

By way of example, this case study focuses on a request by McDonalds to serve Starbucks coffee at its' restaurants in order to discuss the marketing strategy and the underlying competitive premise that Starbucks has adopted to achieve both of their goals.

This case study was compiled from published sources, and is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion.

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In , the mascot Ronald McDonald was born as a part of a marketing strategy in US. Considering the huge success and brand McDonald’s.

McDonald's Case Study