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Litweb writing about literature a portable guide

He wrote stories which, in their jungle settings, use the supernatural and the bizarre to show the struggle of man and animal to survive.

He also excelled in portraying mental illness and hallucinatory states,[1] a skill he gleaned from Edgar Allan Poeaccording to some critics.

At the time of his birth, his father had been working for 18 years as head of the Argentine Vice-Consulate. Before Quiroga was two and a half months old, on March 14,his father accidentally fired a gun he was carrying in his hands and died as a result.

litweb writing about literature a portable guide

Quiroga was baptized three months later in the parish church of his native town. Training and travels Quiroga in Quiroga finished school in Montevideothe capital of Uruguay.

litweb writing about literature a portable guide

He studied at the National College and also attended the Polytechnic Institute of Montevideo for technical training. From a very young age he showed great interest in a variety of subjects and activities including literature, chemistry, photography, mechanics, cycling and country life.

It was also around this time that he worked in a machinery repair shop; under the influence of the owner's son he became interested in philosophy, describing himself as a "forthright and passionate foot soldier of materialism. This led him to dabble in various forms and styles of poetic expression himself: He soon began to publish his poems in his home town.

While studying and working, he collaborated with publications such as La Revista and La Reforma, improving his style and making a name for himself. During the Carnival of the young poet met his first love, a girl named Mary Esther Jurkovski, who would inspire two of his most important works: However, the young girl's Jewish parents disapproved of the relationship on the grounds that Quiroga was a Gentile, and the couple were forced to separate.

In his home town he founded a magazine titled Revista de Salto In the same year his stepfather committed suicide by shooting himself; Quiroga witnessed the death. With the money he received as inheritance he embarked on a four-month trip to Paris, which turned out to be a failure: In Quiroga published his first book, Los Arrecifes de Coral Coral Reefsbut the achievement was overshadowed by the deaths of two of his siblings, Prudencio and Pastora, who were victims of typhoid fever in Chaco.

That fateful year held yet another shocking event in store for Quiroga. Quiroga, anxious about his friend's safety, offered to check and clean the gun that was to be used. While inspecting the weapon, he accidentally fired off a shot that hit Ferrando in the mouth, killing him instantly.

When the police arrived, Quiroga was arrested, interrogated and transferred to a correctional prison. The police investigated the circumstances of the homicide and deemed Ferrando's death an accident; Quiroga was released after four days' detention. He was eventually exonerated of blame.

Racked with grief and guilt over the death of his beloved friend, Quiroga dissolved The Consistory and moved from Uruguay to Argentina. In Buenos Aires Quiroga the artist reached professional maturity, which would come to full fruition during his stays in the jungle. His sister's husband also introduced him to pedagogy, and found him work as a teacher under contract to the board of examination for the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires.

To Chaco and back to Buenos Aires In June of that year Quiroga, already an experienced photographer, accompanied Leopoldo Lugones on an expedition, funded by the Argentine Ministry of Education, in which the famous Argentine poet planned to investigate some ruins of Jesuit missions in the province of Misiones.

The jungle of Misiones left a profound impression on Quiroga that marked his life forever: The project failed, due to problems with his aboriginal workers, but Quiroga's life was enriched by experiencing life as a country man for the first time.

His narrative benefited from his new knowledge of country people and rural culture; this permanently changed his style. Upon returning to Buenos Aires after his failed experience in the Chaco, Quiroga embraced the short story with passion and energy.

In he published a book of stories called The Crime of Another, which was heavily influenced by the style of Edgar Allan Poe. Quiroga did not mind these early comparisons with Poe, and until the end of his life he would often say that Poe was his first and principal teacher.“Reading and Writing About Literature” is a slim text that shouldn’t be underestimated for its size.

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