How not to be a doctor and other essays

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How not to be a doctor and other essays

A central theme is that doctors need to find ways of being more authentic in their interactions, to discover how to step outside the sometimes too narrow constraints of their professional personas and to learn to truly listen to what their patients are trying to communicate. His experiences, both as a GP and as a medical e In this collection of fifty four essays John Launer explores a wide range of topics, and dilemmas, which confront doctors, and their patients, during the practice of medicine.

His experiences, both as a GP and as a medical educator, enable him to write with authority about the complexities of what is involved in becoming a good doctor, one who listens to and respects his patients, sees them in a holistic way and involves them in the search for a diagnosis and in any subsequent treatment plans.

Whilst able to be constructively critical and challenging of the behaviour of some of his colleagues it became clear that the author fully recognises some of the pitfalls he and they face when trying to do their best in the huge, often unwieldy and increasingly bureaucratic, NHS.

How Not To Be A Doctor And Other Essays

His reflections always felt very balanced and his respect for most of his colleagues, as well as patients, underpinned all his writing. He writes with eloquent passion, gentle humour and occasional rage, managing to combine a degree of entertainment with his role as an educator in a way which is both impressive and for me, as a former psychotherapeutic counsellor and lecturer, enviable!

The aim of this close and critical scrutiny was to attempt to understand not only what it was that the author was trying to communicate, but also what could be learnt from this to gain insights into life and the human condition.

His belief that this approach should be an integral part of the training of medical students, and of ongoing training, is one which would surely reap dividends — for doctors and patients alike! I think that just one of the many reasons that this book has made such a profound impact on me is because each one of his essays seems to encapsulate this approach.

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He believes that this used to happen more in the past, when GPs often got to know their patients over many years. Through reading this collection of essays it became clear to me that John Launer is someone who is prepared to take emotional risks in his interactions because he believes passionately that relationships matter between doctors and patients and can often be an essential tool in the diagnostic process.

However, if I were to do that I would be writing a review which would be almost as long as the book! I know that it is one to which I will return because there is such depth in these essays, none of which is longer than four pages but each of which is thought-provoking and wise. I also find myself wanting to suggest that, not only should it be essential reading for every single medical student, but that every qualified doctor should be required to re-read it every year in order to reflect on the wisdom, caring and respect for patients which are contained within it — and then to ensure that they incorporate these same qualities into their ongoing practice!Sometimes the doctor has to work throughout the day and night attending to serious patients or victims of war, epidemic or major accident.

He has to always treat his patients with a smile and cheer.

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He motivates and encourages sick person. From the absurd to the profound, the short stories, essays, and reflections in How Not to Be a Doctor combine erudition with humor, candor, and the human touch to show how, in medicine, you cannot separate personal experiences from professional ones, and to inform and entertain readers on both sides of the stethoscope.

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See a Problem? But it is silver lining that there are noble people who work all their lives to mitigate the sufferings of the others. Among them, the profession of doctors is perhaps most respected for service to the society.
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A doctor's world laid bare in a collection of short essays that are surprising, entertaining, and moving Doctor and medical columnist John Launer has written on the practice and teaching of medicine for many years. Now, more than fifty of his essays have been collected in How Not to Be A Doctor.

Doctor and medical columnist John Launer has written on the practice and teaching of medicine for many years.

How not to be a doctor, and other essays (Book, ) []

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How not to be a doctor and other essays

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