Hospital waste management in kathmandu valley

So the study was conducted in public and private HCIs of Kathmandu valley. During the study period, waste was collected from O. Mainly study was focused in two aspects. Firstly, to know the existing management practices of biomedical waste i.

Hospital waste management in kathmandu valley

People usually come from outside of valley to Kathmandu frequently orthey migrate from rural to urban area for better livelihood without any specific mission.

So the management of garbage in the capital city is becoming a headache of all governments. Unlike in other cities of the developed countries where wastes are managed scientifically, the garbage here is left to rot emitting stink and also posing a health hazards to the city dwellers.

Moreover, the disposal of garbage in landfill sites has proved to be problematic, and it is often disrupted by local people and others causing piles of wastes in road belts also.

This also has termed our capital city as full of garbage contributing a bad and negative image among foreigners and visitors which must be looked upon considerably.

Hospital waste management in kathmandu valley

Pressure of increased-population and the lack of satisfactory management system have made the capital city vulnerable to environmental crisis of solid waste disposal. The problem of solid waste management in Kathmandu is not only because of inadequate systems of garbage collection and its final disposal but also due to low level of public awareness.

The Kathmandu municipal cooperation has been adopting various strategies for a long for the safe disposal of solid waste. It has been like a ritual of Kathmanduites to see the pile of stinking garbage in the beginning of monsoon.

However, as yet there has been a little effort to set up a permanent landfill site to dump the wastes accumulated in the capital. Like previous years, the garbage crisis has hit the capital this year too.

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But instead of searching permanent place for its proper management, government has decided to dump wastes alongside of Bagmati River. The selection of new landfill site has also come under controversy as the local people have already opposed the move.

The government, which has been looking for a substitute dumping site at Gokarna for some time, seems to be determined to use the new site. Surprisingly, the government now has announced the plans to dump wastes along the Bagmati river, which could be main landfill site for garbage, seems unsustainable from different perspectives.

They planned dumping site encompassing the temple of Gokarneswor to the west up to the Gujeshwori temple. The engineers of Nepal Army will build road on top of the dumped waste along the river.

But local municipal officials, however, have kept their mum on the issue. When a ton waste produced by Kathmandu and Lalitpur is dumped on the banks of Bagmati, we may wonder how the river will bear the new burden!

The Gokarna dumping site was used for more than a decade. And it has been known to have exhausted itself for a long. As the monsoon approaches, the annual dilemma of government regarding the proper dumping of waste is once again looming before the authorities.

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Moreover, the Gokarna dumping site which has been the only way out is now closed itself. It is a proven fact that the dumping site at Gokarna can in no way manage the big volume of garbage.

The dumping site was closed because the site could no longer take in the garbage that was dumped in it. And the local population also suffered from environmental hazard due to mismanagement of the dumping site.

The local municipal authorities had even reacted to the problem by dumping waste along the Tundhikhel. The government has introduced plans to construct a million rupees Land Fill Site in Syuchatar. However, the scheme never worked practically as it comes out of construction.

But with the help ofpolice the government had managed to dump the waste there till now. There seems to be no serious measure taken by the government regarding the problem.

The dumping of wastes along the Bagmati and building a road on top of it will not help to combat the problem of proper management of waste.

Can the new method be a sound way in combating the environmental problem that has arisen in Kathmandu? As a matter of fact, we will have a tourist season coming as soon as the monsoon ends. Most of the former Prime Ministers have been given priority to manage the garbage problem.Waste Management in Kathmandu Valley.

May India and the Philippines are beginning to tackle the problem through enacting comprehensive solid waste management legislation that emphasizes community participation, waste reduction and recycling.

In Nepal, public interest environmental advocates are turning to the courts for local. overall solid waste management situation in the kathmandu valley Kathmandu Valley is the political, cultural, touristic, educational, administrative, commercial, industrial and financial centre of Nepal.

Solid Waste Management in Kathmandu Metropolitan City1 is one among a Solid Waste Management in Kathmandu Metropolitan City 2. central waste management system.

Both hospital waste and industrial waste are generally mixed with ordinary municipal waste. There is no special treatment. Assessing Healthcare Liquid Waste Management of Hospitals in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal • Analyze hospital liquid waste management Research Design Study area: • Kathmandu Valley area: km 2 comprises rural parts of three 7 districts and five municipalities • About 2 million population.

Management of hospital waste in the hospital of Kathmandu valley is one of the most important issues. Numerous hospitals have been established in the Kathmandu valley. Many of these hospitals are situated especially at populated area.

So there is high risk of pollution contamination of . Waste Management is a leader in safe medical disposal and hospital waste management.

We help healthcare organizations adopt sustainable strategies.

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