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General Vo Nguyen Giap, commander of the North Vietnamese Army, wrote in his memoirs that his army was on the brink of collapse, but the U. Despite long-running rumors that General Giap wrote in his memoirs that the U.

General giap

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Visit Website Furthermore, Giap believed the alliance between South Vietnam and the United States was unstable—he hoped the offensive would drive the final wedge between them and convince American leaders to give up their defense of South Vietnam.

Visit Website Did you know? In Februaryin the wake of the Tet Offensive, the respected TV journalist Walter Cronkite, who had been a moderate and balanced observer of the war's progress, announced that it seemed "more certain than ever that the bloody experience of Vietnam is to end in a stalemate.

As President Lyndon B. Tet Offensive Begins On the early morning of January 30,Viet Cong forces attacked 13 cities in central South Vietnam, just as many families began their observances of the lunar new year.

In a particularly bold attack on the U.

General giap

The audacious attack on the U. Embassy, and its initial success, stunned American and international observers, who saw images of the carnage broadcast on television as it occurred. Though Giap had succeeded in achieving surprise, his forces were spread too thin in the ambitious offensive, and U.

General Vo Nguyen Giap: Vietnam War Lost at Home-Incorrect Attribution! - Truth or Fiction?

The Battle of Hue Particularly intense fighting took place in the city of Hue, located on the Perfume River some 50 miles south of the border between North and South Vietnam. Early in their occupation of Hue, Viet Cong soldiers conducted house-to-house searches, arresting civil servants, religious leaders, teachers and other civilians connected with American forces or with the South Vietnamese regime.

They executed these so-called counter-revolutionaries and buried their bodies in mass graves. The toughest fighting in Hue occurred at the ancient citadel, which the North Vietnamese struggled fiercely to hold against superior U.

In scenes of carnage recorded on film by numerous television crews on the scene, nearly U.

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Marines were killed in the Battle of Hue, along with some South Vietnamese troops. On the North Vietnamese side, an estimated 5, soldiers were killed, most of them hit by American air and artillery strikes. Impact of the Tet Offensive Despite its heavy casualty toll, and its failure to inspire widespread rebellion among the South Vietnamese, the Tet Offensive proved to be a strategic success for the North Vietnamese.

Before Tet, Westmoreland and other representatives of the Johnson administration had been claiming that the end of the war was in sight; now, it was clear that a long struggle still lay ahead.

Westmoreland requested more thannew troops in order to mount an effective counteroffensive, an escalation that many Americans saw as an act of desperation. On March 31, a beleaguered President Johnson declared that he was limiting the bombing of North Vietnam to the area below the 20th parallel thus sparing 90 percent of communist-held territory and calling for negotiations to end the war.

At the same time, he announced that he would not be running for re-election that November.Võ Nguyên Giáp (Lộc Thủy, Quảng Bình, 25 de agosto de - Hanói, 4 de octubre de ) [1] fue un político y General del Ejército Popular de Vietnam.

Giáp desempeñó la jefatura de las fuerzas armadas en dos guerras: La Primera Guerra de Indochina (–) y la Guerra de Vietnam (–). Participó en las siguientes batallas, todas estas de importancia histórica. Võ Nguyên Giáp (* August in An Xá, Quảng Bình; † 4.

Oktober in Hanoi) war ein vietnamesischer General, Politiker und Guerillakämpfer.. Er war der militärische Führer der Việt-Minh-Truppen von Hồ Chí Minh und der Volksarmee attheheels.comáp galt aufgrund seiner taktischen und strategischen Brillanz als der „Napoleon des Ostens“ (Peter Scholl-Latour.

Oct 29,  · Watch video · In early , however, the North Vietnamese military commander General Vo Nguyen Giap chose January 31 as the occasion for a coordinated offensive of surprise attacks aimed at breaking the. Joe Galloway takes a hard look at the assessments of Ia Drang by the war's architects in Washington, Saigon and Hanoi: McNamara, Westmoreland, Ho and Giap.

Vo Nguyen Giap, (born , An Xa, Vietnam—died October 4, , Hanoi), Vietnamese military and political leader whose perfection of guerrilla as well as conventional strategy and tactics led to the Viet Minh victory over the French (and to the end of French colonialism in Southeast Asia) and later to the North Vietnamese victory over South Vietnam and the United States.

General giap

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