Essays cell phone use school

Grade My Paper for Free Another reason for prohibiting cellphones in classes is an increased temptation for students to communicate with friends instead of focusing on study material. Once again, the level of technology allows clever smartphone owners to regularly check their social network profiles and browse Internet content. Texting itself, while being an extremely popular way of mobile communication among youth, becomes even more tempting when a student is listening to a lecture but has their mind wandering Wundermuller.

Essays cell phone use school

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Essays cell phone use school

Cell Phones in School Policies on the use of cell phones in school vary. While most schools have thorough written policies in place regarding the use of cell phones by students, these guidelines are continually being reviewed, revised and updated on a regular basis for a variety of reasons.

As cell phone used in and around schools evolves and becomes more pervasive throughout society in general, educators are also finding that the age of the typical child with a cell phone in school is getting younger. New Issues Regarding the Use of Cell Phones by Students With added cell phone features becoming standard, such as photo and video cameras and recording devices, educators Essays cell phone use school new issues that did not exist a few years ago.

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Issues of this nature were first addressed with high school students, and in recent years students Essays cell phone use school cell phones in middle schools needed guidelines.

Today, we see that even elementary schools are now part of the cell phone debate. The debate over cell phone use in school is no longer about whether or not these devices should be allowed on school premises. The fact of the matter is, parents expect to be in contact with their kids before and after school, as well as during lunch hours for those kids who leave school grounds.

The cell phone may also facilitate students in planning after-school work and other activities, such as sporting events. It is no longer reasonable for educators to expect students to turn in their cell phones at the door and pick them up when school is over. Requiring kids to leave cell phones in the lockers, also increases the risk of theft on a larger scale.

Since students are not prevented from carrying cell phone on their person, the risk of camera phones being used to take photographs of quizzes or exams and transmit them to classmates is of greater concern, not to mention the ability to text or instant message other students. In addition, pictures may be taken at home of notes that can easily be hidden within a phone and later used to cheat on an exam.

Camera phones can be used to take embarrassing photographs of classmates in private areas, such as restrooms and locker rooms, and share them with others electronically or posting videos on YouTube. This technology raises legal issues of privacy and sexual harassment.

Cyber bullying also becomes more of an increased issue with access to social media sites, not to mention the distraction that social media and texting can pose to educational process for any child. Benefits of Cell Phones in School Cameras on phones can have educational benefits, giving students the ability to record field trips or school events, to enhance reports with visuals, and to develop photo essays.

We have also mentioned the benefit for kids and parents to be in contact with each other, even if to only schedule pick up times.


Smart phones also give students easy access to the internet, which can be a benefit for research replacing the use of a computer within the school but can also open up potential concerns about cell phone safety for kids who are out of the watchful eye of their parents.

The use of cell phones by teachers is also part of many school policies. The main concern is whether cell phones should be used during school hours for personal business and therefore distracting teachers from their duties in offering students their undivided attention in the classroom or during the supervision of an exam.

Disciplinary Action for Cell Phone Misuse by Students Any school policy regarding cell phones in school must also include disciplinary action for various activities involving cell phone use that is contrary to existing policies laid out.

There should be set consequences that match the severity of the misuse, as well as reoccurring violations by an individual student or group of students. The most common repeat offense seems to be cell phones ringing in the classroom because a student forgot to turn their phone off.

Things have changed rather quickly and cell phones are now welcome in schools… with some guidelines, of course. A few reasons why cell phones in school is a good thing: Smart phones can help students get more organized in school.

Bringing a phone to school lets children communicate with their parents if they need to stay after or have forgotten something at home. Personal phones can be used in the event of an emergency or accident. However, there is an even longer list of reasons why cell phones in school is a bad thing.

A few of those reasons include: After all, it would be unfair to expect your child to leave their phone at home since they are allowed in school and having a cell phone can be helpful in case of an emergency. Check with the school to find out what the policies are, and use your best judgment to add your own expectations.Banning Cell Phones, Schools, Cell Phones, Essay - Should students be permitted to use cell phones during school.

Essays cell phone use school

The principle at Wesley High School thinks not. The principle believes that it is very distracting to the students and their grades could fall, tests scores could be at an all time low. Cell Phone Use in Schools The use of cell phones in school is a controversial subject.

There is a definite defining line between administration on one side and students on the other. The amazing thing about cell phones is that they are no longer just used for calling or .

The Birmingham Community Charter High School community collaborates to create an academically challenging, personalized, and supportive environment that prepares individual students to pursue their post-high school academic and career goals.

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At Melrose High School, for example, science students use a physics app to collect acceleration data and measure sound intensity, and English students discuss literature on their smartphones.

Essay on Cell Phone Use in Schools Cell Phone Use in Schools. With all the innovation in the last decade, cell phones have become apart of daily life for people all over the world between using cell phones to contacts family and friends to playing a little game of bejeweled.

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