Employee relation past exam questions

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Employee relation past exam questions

What is EB-1 immigrant visa petition? An EB-1 petition consists of Form I and supporting documents to show that the beneficiary meets the EB-1 criteria.

Employee relation past exam questions

The burden of proof in EB-1 cases rests solely with the petitioner and the alien applicant. The First Preference Immigration Petition is an employment-based petition for Permanent Residence in the United States for those who are among the most able and accomplished in their respective fields within the arts, sciences, education, business, or sports.

There are three 3 types of EB-1 petitions: Multinational Executive or Manager. The most notable advantage for those who qualify for an EB-1 petition is the lack of a Labor Certification requirement. Obtaining a Labor Certification is a time-consuming and expensive process that seeks to determine whether a qualified U.

In addition to the time and expense of the Labor Certification process, an alien risks being denied a Labor Certification if a U.

In an EB-1 petition, the Labor Certification is not required at all. In EB-1A petition, a permanent job offer is not required, and an alien may petition immigration by himself or herself.

In other words, a U. What is the qualifying relationship between the U. EB-1C is one of the several categories established by the U. Congress for obtaining immigrant status, i.

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Immigrants refer to foreign individuals coming to the United States permanently. The categories for employment-based immigrants are defined in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Employee relation past exam questions

What is become known as EB-1C immigrants refer to the category of aliens who are eligible for permanent residence as intra-company transferees and continuing to work in the United States in a managerial or executive capacity. When an employer wishes to transfer an alien employee working abroad to a U.

A qualifying relationship exists when the U. To establish a qualifying relationship under the regulations, the petitioner must show that the foreign employer and the U. In this regard, ownership and control are the factors that must be examined in determining whether a qualifying relationship exists between the U.

In the context of this visa petition, ownership refers to the direct or indirect legal right of possession of the assets of an entity with full power and authority to control; control means the direct or indirect legal right and authority to direct the establishment, management, and operations of an entity.

In addition, the petitioner must demonstrate that the U. The petitioner must demonstrate that the: What is the definition of multinational? The multinational means that the qualifying entity, or its affiliate, or subsidiary, conducts business in two or more countries, one of which is the United States.

Employment experience in a U.

The alien beneficiary must have been employed abroad by a multinational entity. Who can file a petition on Form I for an alien as a multinational executive or manager?

A United States employer may file a petition on Form I for classification of an alien as a multinational executive or manager. No Labor Certification is required for this classification.

The prospective employer in the United States must furnish a job offer in the form of a statement that indicates that the alien is employed in the United States in a managerial or executive capacity.

Such a statement must clearly describe the duties performed by the alien. The petitioner must be either the same company that employed the alien outside the United States, or an affiliate or subsidiary of that company.Voluntarism, Bullying in Employment, Harassment in Employment, Key Provisions of the Employee, Information and Consultation, Irish Employment Relations Practices, Irish Legislation.

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