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As the self-professed reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he is a good person to start with.

David wilcock project camelot

Unfortunately, to our knowledge Dr. Peterson is not making his devices available for the general public at this time. When we were introduced to Dr Pete Peterson by a mutual friend, and spoke with him for the first time on the phone, we immediately realized we were talking with someone who even by Project Camelot standards had a quite enormous amount of high quality information, backed by personal experience, on an astonishingly large range of subjects.

David Wilcock

We told our friend David Wilcock. David felt very strongly — as a psychic intuitive — that we needed to visit Dr Peterson immediately while he was willing to give on-record testimony.

So this interview straight away broke new ground: A few days later, Bill flew to the US from Europe for the weekend especially for the meeting — which was held over two long days. We talked extensively off-record, and Dr Peterson was extremely cautious about presenting some of his testimony on video.

But we nevertheless recorded nearly four hours of testimony. This is our favorite section, and we have very purposely left it in. Dr Peterson is an extremely well-informed insider — and a most remarkable and brilliant scientist — who came forward to talk with us publicly because he feels the issues he cares deeply about, and knows about, are too important to keep silent about.

We salute his courage.

David wilcock project camelot

Among the many things Dr Peterson spoke about at length was his strong, informed belief that there will be a melt-down of the global economy — and US infrastructure — which may be almost upon us; that Obama is planning to disclose the reality of ET contact by the end of the year; and that most, but not all, of the ET visitors are friendly.

There is much, much more. Here is a very general list of the subjects we discussed: The release of this video was delayed because Dr Peterson was concerned that it might contain some material that was just too sensitive, and which might endanger us.

He spent some time checking with colleagues to ensure that we would be safe to release the material. At the time of writing, he has not specified what these sensitive parts of the video are — though one might guess.

We have taken the decision to take these risks upon our own shoulders and to release the interview in its entirety. It has not been cut.

We hope that those who have been waiting this for what feels to us also! Dr Peterson is a person of high integrity who is very concerned about some of the problems faced by the human race, and who to his immense credit feels that he must give a warning. Besides the warning, as you will see, he offers a substantial smorgasbord of fascinating information on a very broad range of subjects.Dr.

Pete Peterson, Part 2 - David Wilcock Interior US, June 29, however, due to unexpected interruptions in the normal working process in Project Camelot, this normal process was not able to proceed forward, so the audibles were left .

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of energy and matter. He is rewriting entire branches of science and leading a new narrative of human history, one that includes races of highly advanced beings that we share earth and space with.

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I’m always a fan of David Wilcock, read his books, saw his Project Camelot interview 10 years ago, was mindblowing and touching. This is a well done format that that I think would be digestible and understandable to friends and family that are in the mainstream or “controlled”.

David Wilcock talks about and the Enigma, as well as the Convergence, Davick Wilcocks also known as Edgar Cayce reincarnation, has been on Coast to Coast radio, Project Camelot.

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PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, to our knowledge Dr. Peterson is not making his devices available for the general public at this time. -– Two new upcoming conferences sponsored by Project Camelot will feature David Wilcock.

A New World conference will take place in Zurich, Switzerland on July , and Awake and Aware in LA, will be held in .

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