Companion essay northwoods outdoor reflection spring summer

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Companion essay northwoods outdoor reflection spring summer

Lou Cabron 5 Comments Across America, it's been one of the nastiest elections ever — but California is on the cutting-edge.

Companion essay northwoods outdoor reflection spring summer

It's the one state where Democrats might actually win one of the toughest media wars ever, meaning TV viewers are seeing some of the roughest ads. And often, your best weapon is your opponent's own words The Bondage and Leather Festival When he was mayor, Gavin Newson "wasted tax dollars organizing a bondage and leather festival," according to this ad.

Though to be fair, that city was San Francisco While ostensibly complaining about the costs, Republican Abel Maldonado is really pressing the "extreme values" button, saying his opponent "wants to do for California what he did for San Francisco.

Companion essay northwoods outdoor reflection spring summer

It's the race for Lieutenant Governor, and in a traditionally Democratic state, Maldonado is trying the "kitchen sink" approach — lobbing a hodgepodge of attacks hoping something sticks. It took a triple murder for mayor Gavin Newsom to admit San Francisco's Sanctuary City policies were a misguided and costly mistake.

One of them — a gang member and convicted felon — is now charged with murdering a father and two of his sons. Davis School of Law. But then Republican Steve Cooley was asked how he'd handle his post-election finances. Did Cooley also plan to collect a pension for his work as Los Angeles County's District Attorney, effectively "double-dipping"?

And then there's an awkward pause You've earned it, there's no question. Cooley had inadvertently created an instant attack ad. All that it needed was ominous music. The Great California Mash-up One advantage of the instant attack ad" is it avoids extra and expensive production.

For example, this ad is sort of a mash-up, using most of Jerry Brown's original "positive" ad — with a clip from a positive ad by his opponent. Democrat Brown splices in an apparent endorsement from the former CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman — who just happens to be his opponent in the race.

Jerry Brown was California's governor from tostarting his term at the age of He was following in the footsteps of his father, Pat Brown, who became California's governor indefeating Richard Nixon to win re-election inand then then losing in to Ronald Reagan.

Now at the age of 74, Brown seeks a comeback against a tough opponent who's tapped her personal fortune to fund a non-stop television blitz.

Whitman's campaign was already hurt by stories that she employed an illegal alien — while campaigning on a promise to "hold employers accountable" for hiring documented workers.

But last week the Washington Post calls Brown's new mash-up ad "devastating. Filmed in black and white, it cites "Trillions in reckless, wasteful spending There's always been lots of venom for liberal Senators, but Boxer seems to draw an extra helping of scatter-shot rage.

One photograph in an earlier ad — titled "Crushed" — actually cites the Dust Bowl of the s. And for web audiences the Republican Senate Committee even created a special ad citing Boxer's "Decades of epic fail" pointing viewers to a Boxer-bashing site called CallMeMaam.

It identifies her first as a "political operative" in the s, then a county supervisor in the s, eventually contrasting her with unpopular Democrat politicians like Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton.

Because unlike them, Boxer is still in Washington, seeking a fourth six-year term. Polls show Boxer may win her race, but the ad wasn't a total waste.36 CFR - Maintenance of wild free-roaming horses and burros on privately-owned lands. sheep lambing areas and spring, summer, and fall sheep and cattle pastures appear to perpetuate the occurrence of conflicts.

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