Brand audit of cocacola

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola has long been the subject of criticism over issues ranging from health to the environment and recent figures suggest its sales growth is lagging behind Pepsi in the UK. The soft drinks company ramped up the campaign with the launch of a TV ad in May and ongoing social media support, with experiential activations planned for later this summer.

Brand audit of cocacola

Profiling how the products form brand elements, the discussion will lean towards the marketing program adopted by Coca Cola Company. The nature of business in Coca Cola Company portends the element of marketing that connects consumers with the product brand using strategic business units.

Coca Cola Brand Coca Cola Company is the leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of soft drink beverages across the world. It manufactures carbonated drinks mixed with syrup to largely edge in the market as a leading producer of refreshing beverages.

The famous Coke product forms the biggest selling soft drink in the world; a factor that is attributed to the effective approach the company employs in its strategic brand development and management. As a profitable company, it is evident Coca Cola uses a concise and strategic approach to brand development Need essay sample on "Coca Cola Brand Audit"?

The global success of Coca Cola beverages rests in the ability of the company to create a brand awareness that leads in Brand audit of cocacola efficient programs to provide simplified solutions within the precincts of managing brand merchandise Smith et al,pp Armstrong and Kotlerpp acknowledge that Coca Cola, as a company that operates in various location, Brand audit of cocacola and offices across the world, develops its brand products in special beverages that can be delivered far and wide and the company maintains brand uniformity as well as brand quality.

The concept of branding that Coca Cola uses is inarguably a powerful model that enables the company to determine the success of its products.

Company Background

The beverage brand in this globalised company allows the chance and opportunity of building an appropriate brand image through its universalized logo.

Coca Cola products present a plethora of brand meaning to the company as well as consumers and afford the chance of personalizing the brand with the objective of making the products not only appealing but also attractive to customers.

With regard to this, Coca Cola has typically made its products to reflect a unique brand that portends distinctive attributes. In addition, an overview of how Coca Cola brands, markets and sells its products shows that the approach of the company to market and develop its brand product is aligned to the theme of forming an identity system of the brand, creating a long lasting image in the minds of the consumers, enhancing the interplay between production and consumption, evolving a brand entity and adding value both to the consumer and the company Curtis,pp The inherent attributes of the product and the idea of branding exhibited by Coca Cola inform the effective approach towards marketing a product within the precincts of marketing mix.

As consumers think of the company, it becomes imperative that they think about the products and this makes the whole company a brand on its own. Accordingly, the fact that Coca Cola, s a brand, provide uniform products across the world leaves it as a fountain of beverage.

According to Mantoyapppricing together with other marketing communication form the basis of a fundamental concept of branding strategy that helps Coca Cola in examining the benefits of its product brand not only to the company but also to customers.

Brand audit of cocacola

Research shows that Coca cola fulfils the requirements of an effective brand since it is entirely a symbol and design that seeks to identify the company as an organization in beverages and gains a competitive advantage Willows et al,pp With regard to this, Coca Cola has developed a marketing strength by intimating the American culture in the beverages.

Similarly, the ability for Coca Cola as a company to display the image of its brand on t-shirts, caps and umbrellas just to mention a few, extremely works for the company in that Coca Cola products are recognized and consumed by millions of people around the world.

In light of this, the brand of the company explains why Coca Cola stand as a dominant and influential symbol of quality as well as enjoyment Armstrong and Kotler,pp In essence, this allows the company not only to carry out its business on a global scale but also to customize and localize its production and marketing approaches in light of diversified cultural backgrounds of its consumers.

To avoid the competitive force that is created by Pepsi, Coca Cola uses a concise value chain that disintegrates its business approach into strategically relevant entrepreneur activities. Keithpp contends that the entrepreneur activities contribute to the performance of the company in maintaining its fame in the beverage industry.

The marketing and sales frameworks, inbound logistics, operations as well as outbound logistics are key entrepreneur value chain activities that Coca Cola employs in a bid to maintain competitive advantage as well as enhance a warm positive relationship with the consumers.

To illustrate, Coca Cola achieves a successful brand framework due to its notable suppliers who include Spherion and IBM among others. These suppliers not only provide Coca Cola with raw materials such as ingredients and machinery but also ensure that the health standards of the ingredients are in satisfactory conditions.

In the same vein, coca cola has laid down certain standards and measure to ensure suppliers adhere to certain quality condition which includes health and safety measures, compliance with laws, standards and regulations environmental measures as well as collective bargaining.

Brand audit of cocacola

Ideally, meeting these conditions leads to the safety of the consumer within the pedestal of using Coca Cola products and still enhances the health of the brand Curtis,p Sources of Brand Equity Labeling of the products range from the use of simple tags on the product to the attachment of somewhat complex graphics on the whole package.

Coca cola uses this labeling design to characteristically create a situation where the label can help identify the product brand, help in describing the product as a whole and extensively promote the products in the market Semenik et al,pp Extensively, this marketing communication leverages the brand equity and in the same vein, Coca Cola benefits from its element of pricing which forms an important aspect in the paradigm of marketing mix.

Mantoyap contends that relative pricing of the products is determined by factor such as the size of the product and the packaging design, external influences such as demandprice elasticity, customer and consumers as well as Coca Cola marketing and organizational objectives.

This approach allows Coca Cola to quote pocket-friendly prices for their brands and thus expand the market size as well as leverage brand equity.Apple Brand Audit 1.

Brand Inventory A. Brand Elements Apple Inc. has been committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings. Samsung Brand Audit Words | 13 Pages. History Samsung has a very long history dating back to the s.. Firstly, Samsung Store was founded by Lee Byung Chull in . Coca-Cola is the world 's most recognized brand and now anchors a portfolio of more than brands and more than 3, beverages. Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as one of the best known products in the was created in .

Coca Cola SWOT analysis

The objective of Coca Cola brand audit is to week and topics related to the brandrelate the theoretical approaches with management course only. The onlinepractical life example and mainly to come to research approach is used to gatherknow about the inventory and exploratory information about the brand to do auditexpects of Coca Cola brand.

Pepsi as a brand has been highly successful in the food and beverage industry, this essay will give insight into how the brand was able to keep up with the social and economic conditions of its consumers as well as discuss why Pepsi is a healthy brand and lives up to Vega’s Healthy brand criteria.

Brand inventory “ in the first time, the cost to produce it were $20 higher than the price it was sold for, thus a loss for its maker. It was sold at a price of 5 cents per glass “ * History of Coca Cola: Coca cola was invented in Atlanta, Georgia, in his backyard, May , by Doctor John Pemberton, a pharmacist.

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