Arabic handwriting art

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Arabic handwriting art

The pen, or qalam in Arabic, can also be made from traditional materials such as reeds or bamboo. Pixabay I have always admired the delicate phrases and words that so artistically adorn the domes of mosques, the courtyard of palaces and the pages of old books.

It has existed for centuries and evolved into various types of scripts. Unfortunately, Arabic calligraphy today is a dying art with few individuals able to master this art form. With the age of computers, iPhones and tablets, simply writing with a pen has become uncommon for some of us.

Nowadays, even greeting cards can be personalised online and shipped straight to the recipient. There is little need to write letters when we have the power of email at our fingertips. Nonetheless, very little has changed in the tools required to create this art.

The pen, or qalam in Arabic, can still be made from either reeds or bamboo — with the ends cut at an angle to form the nib. The nib is then dipped in ink and used to write on paper.

The symbolism of the pen also represents destiny; God has already recorded each and every act and that nothing is a mere coincidence.

Arabic Calligraphy History - Tools, Techniques, Ahar Paper

The prevailing imagery of the pen presents a far more powerful weapon than the sword. There are many scripts in Arabic calligraphy ranging from kufic square-shaped to naskhi curvy and rounded lettering.

arabic handwriting art

The Ottomans created a script called diwani, which is one of my favourites. I decided to have a go at creating an Arabic calligraphic piece for one of my projects at university. I was not expecting a masterpiece but I certainly did have fun.

It is not as easy as it looks and creating the right curves with the pen is difficult. To hold the pen and then twist it at an angle — I almost sprained my wrist! I realised then the years and years of practice and perseverance required in order to master this splendid practice.

Thus, I have decided not to give up and to keep practising. It is improving my handwriting and certainly is enjoyable. Sadly, this centuries-old art is dying, despite being one of the pillars of Islamic art and architecture and a part of our Islamic historical and cultural identity all around the world.

It is our inheritance and we would do well to conserve it. After all, it is reportedly the first thing that Allah created. After its creation, the pen asked:Islamic wall art is the most common form of Islamic decor, and thus the walls of mosques, palaces, homes and offices are often decorated with a painting of Ayat Al Kursi, or a decal of Bismillah or a canvas frame of Alhamdulillah, or a printed piece of Masha Allah.

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Fig. 5. The measuring system of Ibn Muqlah is based on a circle with a diameter that equals the height of the letter Alef.

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It controls the correct proportions of the letters by comparing them to the circle, and by diagonal dots written with the calligraphy pen.

In the first Islamic century, the art of calligraphy was born, and with it the trade or art of the calligrapher. The first formal scripts to emerge were from the Hijaz region of the Arabian Peninsula, most likely from the city of Medina.

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