An analysis of the vocational education and the new doors in high school education

In Granada Hills Charter High School became the largest charter school in the United States [33] According to the Education Commission of the States"charter schools are semi-autonomous public schools that receive public funds. They operate under a written contract with a state, district or other entity referred to as an authorizer or sponsor.

An analysis of the vocational education and the new doors in high school education

She has an extensive background in education as a teacher and parent volunteer. Hebert and her husband, Jamie have lived in Huntington for 21 years.

Together they have a son in his freshman year at Huntington High School; a son who is a freshman at Bentley University and a third son who is in his junior year at Johns Hopkins University. A Long Island native, Mrs. Hebert graduated from the East Williston School District in Hebert worked as a public school kindergarten teacher in Massachusetts for several years.

She is currently the director of the pre-school program at St. She has devoted countless volunteer hours to the Huntington School District as a PTA president and treasurer and as a district trustees.

Hebert is widely known as a creative thinker who enjoys learning about all aspects of the district and its educational program and listening to all sides of every issue. She is particularly passionate about public school education and believes the learning experience offered to Huntington students should be among the finest in the nation.

Bari Fehrs, Vice-President board hufsd. A year resident of Huntington, Ms. A past president of the Southdown Primary School and J. Prior to her election, Ms.

Fehrs attended school board meetings for nine years. Fehrs takes pride in being well-versed on local, state and national educational issues. Employed by a local medical practice, Ms. Fehrs leads an active lifestyle and enjoys running and reading in her free time.

She has a daughter who is currently a Huntington High School senior and two sons who are district graduates and are now attending college. Christine Biernacki, Trustee board hufsd. Raised in the town of Huntington, Mrs.

Biernacki attended school in South Huntington. She is a partner in a New York City law firm. Biernacki and her husband, who is a graduate of Huntington High School, live with their two children in Halesite.

Their daughter is a sophomore at Huntington High School and their son is an eighth grader at J. Taylor Finley Middle School.

Over the years, Mrs. Biernacki and her husband offered their house as a host home for Sanctuary, opening their doors to runaway youth so that the families could participate in mediation to resolve their issues and bring the youngster home.A vocational school, sometimes also called a trade school, career center, or vocational college, is a type of educational institution, which, depending on the country, may refer to secondary or post-secondary education designed to provide vocational education, or technical skills required to perform the tasks of a particular and specific job.

The National Assessment of Vocational Education (NAVE) found that this declining vocational enrollment might be attributed to several factors, such as increasing high school graduation requirements over the decade and the vulnerability of secondary vocational programs to local economic conditions.

planning analysis in order to fulfill the need of the Vocational School supervisor, so that the result of the analysis can be used as the basis for preparing the preparation program of .

In general, this analysis indicates that the educational programs offered by the vocational high school system are in good alignment with the apparent demand for new entrants into the occupations they are.

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The Role of Career and Technical Education in the American High School: A Student Centered Analysis Kenneth Gray Introduction The curriculum in the,merican high school is,jpically into at least three major programs of study: academic (ACA), career and technical education (CTE), and general.

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An analysis of the vocational education and the new doors in high school education

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