100 nz case study

Yes Case Study On November 2,Uber released their new rider app, which was greeted with enthusiasm by users worldwide. Engagement also increased significantly in the days following the introduction of the new app, reaching a peak between November 7 and November

100 nz case study

According to Trinity House, the Casquets area has been the scene of many shipping incidents in the past. There are three towers that were originally built in the 18th century at the Casquets which are still in use, and the North West Tower is equipped with tungsten-halogen lamps and is still in operation.

Under a two-year modernisation project, Trinity House is going to upgrade the light to renewable energy sources. The area faces the Southern Ocean and is renowned for its rugged coastline, which provides exceptional fishing and diving locations.

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These new lights with solar power supply system were mounted on the top of a purposed built metal tower in the bay to enable the local fisherman to navigate more safely into the bay. The new LED sector light is versatile, energy efficiency and sharp definition between sectors and has already received praise from visiting yachtsmen.

Due to the relatively high current and wave conditions in the Congo River, a series of suitable aids to navigation are critical to ensure safe navigation when taking the 90 degrees turn into the dredged access channel.

This option provided a significant cost advantage, without an unacceptable loss of functionality. According to the Crouch Harbour Authority, they are going to carry out major improvements to the buoyage of the River Crouch approach channels from Whitaker Spit inwards to Burnham Fairway.

In order to achieve this some 26 new navigation buoys have been purchased, with four existing buoys being reused. Barnegat Lighthouse — Rotating Beacon InVega was approached by the Friends of Barnegat Lighthouse, to quote for a new light which they would install for the th anniversary of the lighthouse in January The VRB installed is a 6 panel unit, rotating at 1rpm which produces a flash once every 10 seconds, the same as the original light.

100 nz case study

The VRB contains a 6 place lampchanger and uses W lamps with a range of Vega PEL lights with oscillating boundary were the favoured solution in order to provide lateral movement information to the incoming Vessels.

The challenge was how to provide the required day range considering the standard 5 degree subtense PEL light could only deliver around 3NM for the red and green sectors. Diego Garcia — 3. There is a navigable opening yards wide in the submerged part of the reef - barely three times the width of some vessels.

A special optical projector using two inch diameter lenses was developed by Vega to compress the light from a PEL-6 condenser into a beam just 1. Very large container ships like the MSC Texas shown need to be guided through this tight channel to access the loading facility. Pilots were seeking an accurate signal to show lateral position and movement.

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With room and budget for only one tower, a PEL Sector light at each end was the only choice. This section of the canal was widened to feet to allow 2-way traffic and greatly increase the carrying capacity of the canal. The viewline passed directly over the central business district.Case Study New Zealand: Home of Middle-earth.

Tourism New Zealand has successfully marketed New Zealand as the home of Middle-earth for the past 15 years. Both our client and Octa are extremely pleased to see this come in on budget and on time, and with an excellent standard of finish.


The transaction saw the Fund take a NZ$ million, % cornerstone stake in the company. Founded in , Fidelity Life provides life insurance products for individuals, businesses and employers via a network of 2, independent financial advisors, as well as through strategic alliance partners. Case Study Tashi TASHI. TASHI™ is a Premium % natural plant-based protein. It fuels performance, nourishes digestive health and supports weight management goals. Their aim is to help kick-start people's journey towards better health, through quality protein together with vital supporting nutrients. For the case study in question, the decision problem arises in the form of declining tourism in New Zealand prior to New Zealand is roughly the size of Colorado, and Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) wanted to make people learn of and care about the “dot in the Pacific”1.

Case Studies The NZ Automobile Association is one of the largest membership organisations in New Zealand, with over million members. Each year the AA sends out renewal notices to its members - previously all sent via post. Case Studies. TEAM Projects Advisory can provide project management services and assistance at any or all stages of a project, from business case and feasibility study, through establishing the right project structure and strategy, to procurement and management of the project team and resources needed to deliver the project.

Enterprise Vault Case Study Due to the consolidation of Regional Councils, there was a requirement to continue archiving a Local Council’s legacy users, in conjunction with initiating e-mail archival for all other Regional Council sites. Thank you for your interest in our Spark NZ Case Study.

Spark New Zealand (formerly Telecom NZ) know that understanding the customers digital experience is essential to their business strategy.

100 nz case study
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